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All women tend to have various kinds of body shapes and it is important for them to choose the best clothing that suits their figure as it can enable them to enhance their finest physical attributes. It doesn't matter what kind of body figure you've, you can still dress up to your very own style and bring your best points. Most importantly, you have to feel comfortable and assured using what you are wearing.

Kinds of body shapes

A lot of women put on weight in different areas and there are certainly some who are due to heredity using their previous generations. There are basically four different types of shapes.


A curvy waistline is easily the most ideal figure that most people want to have. The width of the bust and shoulder are the same as your hips.


Top of the body is commonly larger than the lower body and when they gain weight, chances are it will show on the waist.


It's also known as bell or triangular shape his or her upper body tends to be smaller than their lower body so when they put on weight, chances are it will display on the thighs, legs and hips.


It is also referred to as straight or athletic physique and this kind of people tend to have lesser defined body curves. Extra weight is also distributed as the breast, waist and hips measurement are similar.

Fashion tips for different body shapes


Women with this can show off their curves. Choose clothing that may define your waistline for example wrap dresses, clinched waists, belt, high waist pants and skirts, tailored blouses, fitted skirt and dress and jeans. Don't wear a lot of accessories and choose monochromatic colours.

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Women of this body outline can show off their legs. Choose v-neck tops, clinched waists, wrap tops, nipped waist jacket, raised waist, empire tops and dresses, low-rise jeans as well as pair it with short-skirts.


You would want to wear something that will draw the interest from the hips. Choose clothing which are wider neckline, tops with pattern, wear dark and light colours together, boot cut jeans, asymmetric skirt and jacket that fall above hip.


Most people of this type have well-built body. Go for v-neck tops, jacket with defined waist, low rise straight jeans, layering and tops that have patterns on the bust area.

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